23 Dec 2010

Bristol Alone, Day 1

I've left behind my friggin camera cable. Again. So, here's some music instead, I think you'll like this one.

Lilith, people addict, is now 6 hours into a living alone experiment. So far, it's been okay, considering I've never ever attempted it before and the mere thought of it once terrified me. But I have spent far too much time on the computer...

14 Dec 2010


...the Buddhafield Cafe's travelling cat.

in summer he pounces and prowls the festival fields... in winter, this is about as far as he gets.

11 Dec 2010


An Artist is not a special kind 
of person, every person is a 
special kind of Artist

 ~Pygmy Proverb

9 Dec 2010

the list of wondrous-ness!

*Drumroll Please..!*

Things I am currently very excited about:

Moving to Bristol! (This I am occasionally also terrified about..) There is so much going on there, and it's a hugely different experience for me to move to a place where I actually know people! And very wonderful people at that. Many of them don't work full time (phew) but do lots of bits and pieces - campaigning, cleaning, baking, gigging, life modelling, market stalls, etc. It really feels like a place for big environmental and social change, skillsharing, freeconomy, music, creativity, support...

and if it all goes pearshaped I can move to Radford Mill Farm, live in an old bus and grow vegetables.

Living Alone: For the first few weeks, I'll be looking after a gorgeous little flat right in Stokes Croft / Montpelier, across the road from friends, and a wonderful wholefoods store. So another new experience, I get to see if how I cope without having to sign a lease! How to go from cooking for 15, to one?

Buddhafield Cafe and Festival.
After the festival season I felt a gargantuan slump in enthusiasm ('please, please don't make me tat-down this godforsaken cafe ever again...'), but talking about all the possibilities and taking on some responsibility feels pretty good. It's inspiring to think about the rituals and site decor for next year's festival and ways to get people excited about it again. It really is such an incredible festival! So much togetherness, dancing, music and workshops.

Learning! This just seems to be a period of growth not just for me but many of us, and I am learning so much about so many things. The bits that excite me the most are the old traditional crafts and 'self-sufficient' stuff, it just feels so right to be learning them and especially the doing part puts me on a high. I'm learning how to learn as well, that's important! In the past I hadn't the courage or the patience. At the moment I'm reading a wonderful book called 'How Music Works', and one on Crochet which I am reading word for word in order so I won't be overwhelmed by the pattern language. I want to learn to preserve food, green woodworking, basic carpentry, bicycle maintenance, knitting, carding / spinning, welding, songwriting... And I feel like I will! I just need to set myself goals for each year.

Travel: It may take a while in the planning, but I want to travel overland, through India, to New Zealand. I get fidgety and ecstatic just thinking about it...

Next Summer... Ah yes. Bring back the festival season, and bring all those wondrous folk back together again :)

8 Dec 2010

3.35 a.m.

I'll change,
I promise...

24 Nov 2010

15 Nov 2010

The Years

I have invited the years to join me
in this hut in the woods,
and the years have told me
I should love what happens -
this is the only world I can live in.
Nothing has been wasted,
they say,
every featherweight of grief
is precious.
The years have told me to be happy:
they say I should dance with joy
for my ordinary life.

- Manjusara

This poem was written out for me on a beautiful birthday card by Ruth x